Idioms with "air" and sample sentences...

1. on the air- broadcasting a radio or television show
The show went on the air 2 hours after the typhoon.

2. walking on air- to be very happy
Sam has been walking on air since yesterday, when he got a big promotion.

3. a breath of fresh air- new and refreshing
The people at the party were quite boring. Sara's arrival was a breath of fresh air.

4. build castles in the air- to daydream, to make plans that never happen
Tom spends most of his time in a coffee shop, building castles in the air.

5. full of hot air- talking nonsense
Don't listen to John. He is full of hot air.

6. disappear into thin air- suddenly become impossible to find
The thief robbed the jewelry store and disappeared into thin air. The police could not find him.

on the air 正在播出